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918-108 DC Linear Current Amplifier

Product Highlights

  • Proven high reliability design
  • One-piece high efficiency Aluminum heat sink directly interface to the cold plate
  • Linear design. Compatible with other EMI sensitive equipment.
  • Encapsulated construction withstands moisture, vibration & shock.




918-108 Specifications (at 25C)
Technology Type Linear
Input Impedance 10 K Minimum

Power Supply

28V ± 5VDC
-12V DC@20 mA
Output Current
(28V Power Supply)

Min 11A @ 2 Ohm Load
Min 7.4A @ 3 Ohm Load
Min 5.75A @ 4 Ohm Load
Min 4.6A @ 5 Ohm Load
Min 4.0A @ 6 Ohm Load
Min 3.5A @ 7 Ohm Load
Min 3.1A @ 8 Ohm Load

Current Limit Adjustable. Factory Preset.
Gain User selectable current Feedback.
240mA per volt (Iselect = open)
400MA per volt. (Iselect = Ground)
1A per volt (Iselect = 1V)
2A per volt (Iselect = 2V)
Load 2 Ohm to 10 Ohm Load
Amplifier Enable Signal Open or ground inhibit
TTL high enable
Current Monitor Signal 2A / Volt output ± 5%
Frequency Response DC to 10Khz Adjustable. Factory preset
Bit current output TTL high when output current reach a preset level
Output Offset 0.01A DC Max
Basic Operating Temp -55C to 85C
Connections M24308 DB25P
Environment Conditions Shock 50G Min
Humidity to 100%
Altitude to 50,000 ft






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